About Us

Hi Everyone! We are Taylor and Mary Grace - the founders of Picturesque Booths. We founded Picturesque Booths in 2022, after we saw a need for a more modern photo booth. Our retro mirror booth provides a clash between a vintage style home mirror and a elegant modern photo booth. 

With it, we are able to provide high quality print outs or, for those who prefer a more tech savvy option, pictures sent straight to your guests' phone. The limitless features allow you to design a custom filter for your special event. All clients receive a digital copy of pictures, so you can share the memories as well.

Our retro mirror booth is an easy way to make your event a little more memorable. Currently, we are servicing weddings, corporate events, parties, school dances, and Greek life events in both the Greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas. Check out our packages page to view each option we have available.

Contact Us

✉️ picturesquebooths@gmail.com

📲 (504) 419-5597